Several rules to be followed in the design of plastic forming mould

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With the continuous improvement of China's manufacturing industry, the development of the industry has more and more functions on plastic products. There are strict regulations on the dimensions, specifications and tolerances of products. The design of plastic forming mould is to obtain plastic mould manufacturing. As an important part of quality, designers should carefully design the size and specifications of the mold, and also consider the problems that may occur in the design and manufacturing process, and comprehensively consider the design scheme, so as to improve the success rate of design.

Therefore, the improvement of mold design level is of great significance to the development of plastic manufacturing industry. As a plastic mold designer, it is necessary to actively explore new design concepts and methods, carefully analyze the design problems encountered, find solutions to avoid problems. Repeated, take effective measures to improve the efficiency and scientificity of mold design, and then solve the problem, improve the design efficiency, improve the reliability of plastic products, improve the economic benefits of products.

For the parts with high precision of size and shape, designers should carefully design and meet the precision requirements. The design time and energy consumption are usually no less than p42.5; the overall size is uniform. The proportion of concrete materials should be reasonable, and the best proportion can effectively improve the impermeability of concrete. Cracks often seen in concrete buildings are: temperature cracks, shrinkage cracks, settlement cracks, shrinkage cracks and so on. The temperature is very high in summer. When solidifying the concrete, spray water in time to ensure that the surface is kept moist.

The main problems encountered in the process of plastic forming mold design are not enough to make designers deviate from the standard design. In the process of mold design, mold designers do not have strict process rules and clear regulations for mold design and manufacturing. Therefore, the design level of some designers is not measured by a unified standard. With the more and more extensive use of plastic products, the accuracy requirements of plastic products used in different occasions are also different.